VoCALL Complaint - 
​Using AI to deliver compliance to regulated industries

CallCabinet Atmos is our award-winning, cloud-based call recording and compliance platform, offering AI-driven voice and speech analytics, and fully native Microsoft Teams integration – delivered as a scalable subscription-based service, with highly flexible terms.

Compliance and analytics you can trust

For those operating in regulated industries, Atmos delivers a trusted and award-winning call recording platform, with industry-leading features that meet global regulatory compliance standards including MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

Cost Effective Licensing

Atmos is sold on a subscription basis, giving you complete control of your licensing and storage, and optimising expenditure by only paying for features you use.

AI Powered Insights

Gain a better understanding of your customer experience with our AI speech and voice analytics engine, capturing sentiment, call drivers and agent performance.

Power of the Cloud

Atmos resides in Microsoft Azure’s high-speed network of global data centres, allowing us to offer unlimited bandwidth and storage to customers that can be globally deployed in hours.

Compliant, secure & redundant

Atmos makes global compliance immediately available to your organisation, no matter your size, industry, or location.
    • Call recording, transcription, screen capture, data redaction, and Microsoft Teams recording ensures complete audit trails.
    • Automatic capture without needing applications.
    • 256-bit AES encrypted storage hosted in 40 global data centres, guaranteeing compliance with data sovereignty regulations.
    • Meets regulatory compliance requirements including MiFID II, PCI-DSS, HIPAA & GDPR.

AI-driven communications insights

Recorded calls and screens can be automated to identify patterns in key performance indicators, allowing businesses to better understand customer experience.
    • AI-driven natural language processing spots keywords and phrases, as well as voice pace, volume, pitch, and tonality.
    • Analyse actionable data for both customer experience, call drivers and agent performance.
    • Agent evaluation dashboard allows supervisors to quickly resolve disputes, train staff and optimise customer experience

Fully Native Compliance for Microsoft Teams

With its seamless integration, Atmos delivers compliance & analytics to businesses looking to place Microsoft Teams at the core of their telecommunications strategy.
    • Compliance follows the agent, recording interactions on any Teams enabled device – soft client, desk phone or mobile device.
    • Call audio, video and content sharing captured and stored in compliance with industry regulations.
    • Azure-based, cloud-native compliance, directly integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Complaint Call Recording

Automatic call capture with 256-bit AES encrypted and long-term immutable cloud storage.

PCI compliance

CNP (Cardholder Not Present) payment protection via redaction on voice calls or screen recordings, protecting customers information and securing transactions.

AI Driven Analytics

Gather invaluable insights into agent interactions and customer experience, with keyword, phrase, and voice analysis tools available.

Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Fully native Microsoft Teams integration allowing businesses to maximise usage of Teams as a UC solution, with award-winning compliance and analytics.

Instant Deployment

Deployed as a true-cloud solution, allowing customers to enjoy protection from regulatory compliance concerns in just hours.

Globally Hosted on Azure

Global hosting in Azure’s 40+ secure data centres ensures compliance with data sovereignty regulations and guaranteed geo-redundancy of data.

Screen Capture and Recording

Record desktop applications in real-time, allowing playback as a video file that is synchronous with audio interactions.

Agent Performance Dashboard

Review agent performance, with KPIs available including professionalism, communication skills, compliance, effectiveness, and politeness.

Call Drivers Dashboard

Speech analytics allows categorises the nature of a call by using both default and user-defined terms.

Customer Experience Metrics

Emotive voice stream and keyword algorithms help determine customer satisfaction and sentiment.

Simple Online Management

Self-managed via a simple, online portal that allows for licenses and features to be activated when needed.

Cloud or on-premises solutions

Atmos call recording is available for deployment as a fully cloud based service, or if required, as part of an on-premises telephony solution.